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We know that guiding the young person in your life to a successful future is a journey. Job Corps is here to help.

At Job Corps, students have the opportunity to change the direction of their lives by learning the skills to start a successful career. We'll make sure they have all the tools and resources they need to do just that.

Here’s what we mean:

Job Corps is free.
Job Corps’ training and education opportunities are available at no cost to all eligible students.

Job Corps is self-paced.
Job Corps is a self-paced program. Whether it takes eight months or two years to finish their program, we will work with our students every step of the way.

Job Corps students are provided with meals, basic health care and supplies.
Job Corps provides students three meals a day, basic medical care, clothes and supplies needed for their training. All students also receive a small stipend.

Job Corps students have an encouraging community to lean on.
From their fellow students to the instructors and staff members, Job Corps students are supported every step of the way as they get after their goals.

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